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Getting nowhere with BT - 3 cancelled orders later...

Has anyone else had this issue because after nearly 6 calls and 3 cancelled orders, I'm getting frustrated with BT at the lack of support they offer.

I originally called BT on the 1st of May in preparation of moving house on the 13th of May and cancelling my services at the old property on the 14th. Everything seemed good until it got to the 14th of may and the appointment for Open reach (on the 17th to fit the internet at the new property) was still unconfirmed. 

The next call on the 14th confirmed that the order actually hadn't gone anywhere so it was cancelled and reordered. This time the engineer was apparently coming on the 30th. This frustrated me as I had booked off the 17th to stay home for the engineer to fit the internet at the new property.

I called BT again on this Monday (20th) as the same issue happened (Openreach had it unconfirmed). Turns out the order wasn't going anywhere again! The BT customer service man said that he would call me back this Thursday between 2-4 as there was an issue to investigate as the line at the old property wasn't cutting off, stopping the move order going through. He didn't call. 

I now had to ring after work to only find out that the previous BT customer service worker hadn't even booked in a call back! I have been without internet since the 13th and no alternatives were mentioned from the start. On the call this Monday, I had to mention sending a mini-hub out, BT didn't even suggest an alternative in the meantime. 

The BT worker from about an hour ago has said that I would get an email confirmation that a new order has been placed again as expected, other order has been cancelled. The new order isn't even on the system as they haven't raised it when they said they had. I want to speak to someone with some authority as I am getting nowhere.

This has ruined the experience with BT because who knows when I'm actually going to get internet at my house. Does anyone know where I can complain higher up because this is ridiculous.

Thank you.

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Re: Getting nowhere with BT - 3 cancelled orders later...

What package are you getting FTTP or FTTC?

Can you enter your new address and post results including the notes. This will show what is available and if there are expected problem with package and installation

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