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My contract ends on 10th March. And all they offer is halo3+ again.  That we really can't afford!

 My husband is a pensioner and claims for a married couple he gets guaranteed pension credit.  But we can't get essentials because the account is in my name.

 They won't even offer me a broadband tv and phone deal.  Unless I want to add tv to my package for another £20 a month. 

Any suggestions please ? If not I will have to leave when my contract expires. 

Thanks in advance 

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Re: Halo3+

Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

You could cancel the contract in your name, and then get your husband to request a new service in his name, he can then choose the essentials package with no extra options, I think its about £15 a month, which must be a lot less than you are paying now.

If you want to wait until you are out of contract, you would avoid any cancellation charges, which probably would not be very much anyway.

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Re: Halo3+

You may find that if your husband places an order now, for the essentials package, it will initiate a Working Line Takeover, and you will receive notification that someone wants to take over your line.

If you ignore that message, then after 10 days, your line will be taken over by your husband, and you will receive a "sorry you are leaving BT"  message, and will receive a final bill.

That may be the best option to try, as it will minimise loss of service.



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Re: Halo3+


That may be the best option to try, as it will minimise loss of service.

You will lose your existing phone number though, it's possible to get it back for fee but there is no guarantee of this.

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Re: Halo3+

I was told they wouldn't change the name on the contact. 

And I believe she said we won't be able to get a new contract in my husbands name even after this one ends.

And we don't want to be stuck without Internet or landline. 

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Re: Halo3+

They won't let him place an order.
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Re: Halo3+

You cannot change the name on a contract.

Just ask your husband to place the call to make the order. There should be nothing stopping him. The helpdesk is not telling the whole truth, they probably want to retain your existing expensive contract, so do not be tempted to renew it, otherwise you will be stuck in another 24 month contract.

If there are still issues, then you will have to cancel your contract, and once that has been done, then he should be able to place an order.

The problem is that there would be a period without a connection, and you may have difficulty getting your number back.




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