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Help with Best Package

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I am on Fibre 1 and unlimited weekend and evening calls, £56-81 per month. I live alone and do not need to upgrade broadband, however would be interested to know if there is a better package re my landline. Is the 700mins, £34-35, for 12 months a good option? Re my original package, I have a personal offer online is a 24 month contract saving £12-82 so would be £43-99. Hope I have read and understood that correctly. Interested in your thoughts. Thanks.

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Re: Help with Best Package

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try phoning options team 0800800030 or retentions 08007831401 and see what you can negotiate to renew your contract  make sure are aware of BTs current publicised offers and also other ISP offers for similar package

if you don't like the offer then try again a bit later

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