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Incorrect billing after cancel broadband

Cancelled my Broadband at the beginning of May.

Received an automatic email saying broadband would end the 9th of June.

Sent back all equipment in your bag at the beginning of June.


I have just been billed again for the period mid-June to mid-July. That's quite frustrating



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Re: Incorrect billing after cancel broadband

As a rule , billing runs are done a few weeks in advance of them being issued, so even if your service ended on 9th June , the bill for June-July was already in production, it’s not usually an issue, any days paid for after your service has ended on this new bill will be refunded by reverse direct debit when the final invoice is raised…this is pretty much how every Telco deals with customers that cease or migrate their service.

If the  argument is that it’s unfair you  have to pay for a period that was after the service had stopped, and then be refunded doesn’t take into account, if you made a call on your last day of service , that wouldn’t appear until this bill, so how would you pay for any calls made unless this bill were produced ?, it’s always been the case that ‘rental’ is paid in advance, and calls in arrears, even if you don’t make calls it’s still the case.

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Re: Incorrect billing after cancel broadband

Hi @rapia, sorry you've received a normal monthly bill when your account is due to close. If your broadband was to cancel on the 9th the final bill would be the next bill issued after that date.

Do you still have access to your BTID? If so log in and check that the order to cancel your services have completed.



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