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Home Essentials 4g?


im disabled and on Universal Credit. I previously had Home Essentials, which was great, however I’m moving to a rural location where I can only get less than 2mb download and 0.2 upload. EE is the only mobile broadband signal in the area but I require an additional antenna. EE also charging 50 pounds a month.

I know it’s a long shot but if I can get home essentials In one area that’s covered but not another, just 4g (copper line being axed in less than a year too) is it possible that BT could consider those vulnerable in rural areas with no affordable broadband to be connected via 4g router under the Home Essentials plan?

It is an essential lifeline and if EE are the only provider available it seems unfair that those that live rurally that would have 4g capped at 30mb anyway lose out on a great scheme like home essentials.

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Re: Home Essentials 4g?

The social tariff Home Essentials is for discounted fixed line services, there is no option for a 4G/5G solution.

If the speeds are not acceptable to you on fixed line, you'll have to look for other options, these won't be discounted, Black Friday is next month, usually plenty of deals available.

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Re: Home Essentials 4g?

If you haven't already, I'd suggest joining the local Facebook group & ask around if there are alternatives. There may be plans for a WiFi based solution or if EE is the only alternative, a MVNO using their network may be cheaper.

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Re: Home Essentials 4g?

Thanks everyone. It’s a shame that BT with EE don’t offer 4g on a social tarrif where fixed lines aren’t available. I think it’s something that should be offered in the future as options less than 50 pounds per month are pretty non existent for rural places. There’s no alternatives aside from satellite which is up to 100 pounds per month.
There are funding schemes available for equipment but the chances of any of these being “affordable” monthly cost wise will be zero or very limited. 

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Re: Home Essentials 4g?

The only ones available are EE 4g (with a mast) or satellite which costs 100 pounds a month. Other providers on EE are BT and that’s about it unfortunately as they don’t offer full EE coverage.
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