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Home essentials

I have today tried to get the home essentials discount but was told no because I’m the bt account holder and my husband is the benefit claimant. I have been a bt customer for many years and now I want help with my account bt are unwilling to help. I need help with my account.

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Re: Home essentials


The benefit claimant has to be the account holder. All you can do would be to wait until your contract ends and then cancel your service. Your husband would then need to start a new contract in his name, and choose the Home Essentials package.

If you are out of contract already, the you could cancel right away, and when the service is terminated, then your husband could apply for service.

The only problem would be, is that he would be given a new phone number.

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Re: Home essentials

Thank you for your response, it’s not the best situation as I’m on the same claim as it a joint claim for ESA.  It is a good discount but totally unfair the way that it is processed.

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Re: Home essentials

Check post by @brookes who posted similar problem

As @Keith_Beddoe posted the account holder and benefit claimant must be the same to qualify


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