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Issue canceling renewal order


I'm wondering if anyone can help. 

I called the retention team on the 15th Feb to see what offers they can provide me since I was out of contract for all services (Broadband, TV and Family Sims). The adviser said I can only be offered under EE so I would migrate over and provide me with a good deal. After all of the package checking, I was offered a package which ended up that I would be paying more for my broadband and slightly less for the TV. I said I would have to discuss with my partner so the adviser said he will put it as a provisional order for the 20th March. He even gave me his email address and said if I decide to not go ahead then to email him and he would cancel. 

After off the call, I got the emails coming in stating the order to change from 20th March.

Once looking at the offer he provided, what he said was not what I was going to be getting. He said I would get a faster speed, ends up I'm going to get a slower speed. The adviser also said my family sims would stay on a 30 day contract and will continue on my offer. The email stated my mobile contract would cease on the 20th March.

So I've been mis-sold and after discussing with my partner, we decided to cancel.

Sent an email to the adviser on the 16th given reasons why I wanted to cancel and asked him to revert back to my original out of contract package.  Guess what, never got a reply or anything. 

Called retentions again and they said they will cancel the order however when the adviser tried, it would not let her do it. Said sorry I am unable to cancel the order. She said I'm in my right to cancel as the order is not fulfilled. 

I have raised a complaint now but wondering if any of the mods would be able to help or advise on how this can sorted out.

Thanks in advance.

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