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Leave BT for EE penalty free

Hi everyone,

I've read online that I can move from BT to EE penalty free. I have BT FTTP 900 and would be interested in moving to EE 1.6 gig product.

When I go to the EE site and put my phone number in it refers me back to "MyBT", if I say I want the product without a phone line the website looks like it will let me place the order.

I'm not fussed about keeping my phone line but I am still in contract for phone, broadband and TV. I've read that BT will credit back the cancellation fees on your last bill if you are switching from BT to EE, but not seen anything official about this or what is or isn't covered.

Has anyone got any information on this? Thanks.


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Re: Leave BT for EE penalty free

I don't have any information about fees, but someone else will for sure have a definite answer for that bit.

What I can talk about though is WiFi:

Please do be aware that the faster than gigabit products are still in their trial phase, despite EE saying that theirs is fully available and ready. They are due to come out of trial on the 1st of April.

True Gigabit Openreach full-fibre to fully launch on 1st April 2024 | thinkbroadband

NGA2003/24 (

The second thing is that the EE Smart Hub Plus does indeed have a 2.5gbps WAN port, but all its LAN ports are only 1gbps, and you would be hard pressed to stretch to 1.6gbps over a single WiFi connection.

They are bringing out a WiFi 7 router sometime this year though, and this will be better suited to harness the 1.6gbps speeds, so it may be in your interest to wait a little while longer. But even WiFi 7 is hard pressed to send 1.6gbps wirelessly unless you are very close to the router:

First Pictures of EE's New WiFi 7 UK Broadband Router Emerge - ISPreview UK

I don't mean to be a downer, but I do think in circumstances like these, with top tier products that you pay top dollar for, it's better to be aware of the limitations and potential pitfalls you may encounter, so that you can manage your expectations and so that you will not be surprised later on or disappointed.  😊

P.S: There have been already many asking here why they do not get 500mbps, or even 150mbps over WiFi in every corner of the house lol. So there are gonna be a lot more questions like that when 1.6 enters the prime time!

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Re: Leave BT for EE penalty free

I can confirm, as it's possible to move from BT to EE 

WITHOUT early termination fees,

even, if you lose effectively some services in process...


Moved from FF900 to EE 1.6 Gbps in mid contract - no early termination fees.

Moved from BT Mobile to EE Mobile in mid contract at same time - no fees

Ceased DV Phone, whilst EE 1.6 Gbps don't support it (yet? not at all? who knows?) in mid contract - no fees

Ceased EE TV, (or BT TV) in mid contract, whilst again, 1.6 Gbps package EE do not support EE TV (yet) - no fees

Ceased Hybrid Connect, Complete WiFi discs, etc, no fees


However, there was not possible to order  it as migration from BT to EE, but it was "take over the line" e.g. virtually new customer with EE on BB and it wasn't exactly smooth enough :))) or, it was quite a disaster, but opposite others, I was up and running under a month from the initial attempt to do so back in December, and about 17 days (including Christmas) was needed to change my ONT from the moment order was finally taken (over the phone)...


@c64z86 correctly pointing out some downs of the actual EE setup, which is barely capable do 1.3 Gbps on WiFi, and only 1 Gbps on LAN. But if you planning to use it with Your own equipment, like myself, go for it, 1.5-1.6 Gbps on wifi, and full on LAN it's nice touch 🙂

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Re: Leave BT for EE penalty free

Thanks both.

I'm a network engineer by trade so rocking my own kit anyway. Just want to ensure I'm not going to be hit with fees!



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Re: Leave BT for EE penalty free

I recently moved from BT to the new EE and I was not hit by early termination fees. 

When I moved 2 weeks ago I couldn't do it online, I phoned the BT retention team and they done it for me.

On the EE forum it has been confirmed that if you have the BT hybrid connect system you can't go to the 1.6gb system yet, they are still working on it for those customers 

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