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Locked into HALO 3+ SCAM - BT state that I am unable to downgrade or reduce costs?

During lockdown 2 years ago and suddenly working from home full time, I took out Halo 3+ (and VIP) with the fastest speed available. This was a very basic download speed of 73mb, as Full Fibre was not available in my area......but was on it's way. 

The guarantee that 'You'll get a free upgrade to Full Fibre 100 as soon as it's available in your area' was a key selling point. What I did not realise was that BT do NOT contact you when it is available - you need to keep checking and request it. When I did find out from a neighbour 14 months into my contract that Full Fibre was now available I called BT and was told that it could be installed, but my 24 month contract would restart from new at the the same price. Nowhere is this stated in the Halo advertising. I decided to leave the contract as it was.

Last August BT rang me totally out of the blue and tried to force me to take Digital Voice (a one day special offer) with a 'free' upgrade to Full Fibre 100 and 2 new phones. This could only be installed in November, so I declined as I only had 5 months left of my old contract. The BT service had been fine, but Halo was to be honest totally pointless - as Hybrid never kicked in before any rare dropouts had been restored.

Fast forward to April this year and when I called up to change my contract and downgrade from Halo 3+ (returning the kit) I was told that I couldn't. Basically as soon as you take HALO you are stuck on it until you leave, paying for hardware that you already paid for during the 24month original contract. When I then stated that I wanted to leave BT, I was told that I would incur over £1k of charges for my VIP contract that I took out August 2022. Turns out that the advisor who phoned me then had amended my TV contract details. Can they correct this mistake on my account - NO. If I leave they will bill me and then I can contact them to request a refund.

I wouldn't mind if BT were willing to match new customer deals for Full Fibre 500 or 900, but they want to continue charging me £30 more a month for HALO. In addition, my VIP TV package does not even include Netflix.

The broadband service from BT is great, but the customer service is a complete joke. I must have spoken to 4 advisors in Loyalty/Retentions and they just wont budge. According to the last lady, BT have changed their business model from April and no longer offer ANY deals to existing customers. The big push is to move everyone to HALO and once on it, you cannot downgrade or reduce cost at all. They will not match new customer deals and although apologetic, the Retention teams hands are tied. The advice offered was to leave.

I've been with BT for decades and have no problem with the service, but they overcomplicate everything when it comes to contracts and renewals. Time to look elsewhere, unless anyone has managed to get a retentions deal in the last month?

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Re: Locked into HALO 3+ SCAM - BT state that I am unable to downgrade or reduce costs?

Hi @Puma937,

Thank you for posting. Without having a look at your account it's a bit difficult to comment accurately. 

If you are out of contact with your Broadband you should be able to change your package to whatever you like, without the need for your to keep Halo. 

With regards to the TV contract, if you only took the contract out in August, there would be cancelation charges if you decided to cancel that service while inside the contract term. I understand from your post that you were unaware that the contract term was amended. When you spoke to the advisor were any changes done to the account, like cost, package details, or new equipment? As they would typically be the main reason why a contract term is amended.

If you like I can take a look at your account to see if I can get a better understanding of what has gone on. I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to contact the team.  You can access your messages via the envelope icon at the top right of the screen, or click on this link, Private messages



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Re: Locked into HALO 3+ SCAM - BT state that I am unable to downgrade or reduce costs?

@PaddyB - Thanks Paddy, I will await a response from BT as it would appear a complaint has been filed for me.

The main issue with downgrading from Halo, is that BT will not match their own advertised prices for new customers. They will remove Halo, but keep the cost exactly the same - obviously this is pointless.

As stated in a private message - currently paying £67.50 for Fibre Halo 3+ (slow 73mb) and out of contract. Looking for a new deal to remain with BT and reduce cost, but only being offered other Halo 3+ packages with improved speeds for the same cost or £1 more. There is no option to downgrade (remove Halo,  return equipment) and reduce costs.

For new customers Full Fibre 500 with phone is available for £35.99 or Full Fibre 900 is £45.99.  If I go through the process as a new customer I can actually order Full Fibre 500 with Hybrid Connect, Complete Wi-Fi and a 700mins call plan for £50.99 or Full Fibre 900 for £57.99. I'm paying £76.62 for 73mb and effectively the same extras.

The BT Consumer Price Guide shared by Adam_G also states that the max in contract price for Full Fibre 900 is £33.99, out of contract is £39.99 - so BT's prices are totally inconsistent.

Your assistance is appreciated.

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Re: Locked into HALO 3+ SCAM - BT state that I am unable to downgrade or reduce costs?

Hi @Puma937,

Thanks for getting back to us.

@DavidM has picked this up for you and opened a complaint. He tried calling you yesterday but missed you. Can you check your private messages as there should be one from him?

He will be back in the office on Sunday and can check in with you then if that suits you. You can reply directly to his private message.


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Re: Locked into HALO 3+ SCAM - BT state that I am unable to downgrade or reduce costs?

Did you get this sorted?

I'm in a similar place.

Early adopted full fibre 300, no option but to take halo3 with it and bt were only ones selling it here, paying 61.24 for 300 and contract ends next week.

Bt currently offering 900 with Xbox ultimate for 40.00 but won't budge.

Fine way to treat long standing loyal users

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Re: Locked into HALO 3+ SCAM - BT state that I am unable to downgrade or reduce costs?

Yes, it took some doing but it was eventually sorted. The final connection was made today as it was bit of a complicated installation in the end

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