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Looking to join - Subject to price increase?

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Hi everyone.

I'm planning to switch from VM to BT and go for the 500Mbps package. Most likely we are looking to get installed late March.

By any chance, somebody knows if I'll be subject to the April price increase?

I've searched everywhere on the website but couldn't find the relevant information.

Also, as a separate question.. currently I'm having a Linksys Mesh wifi. I assume that will be compatible with BT as well, by switching the wifi off on the BT router?

Thank you in advance!! 

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Re: Looking to join - Subject to price increase?

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Any new contract issued and service live before March 31st would be subject to the 14.4% price increase. Personally I'd suggest waiting another month before initiating and new service you MAY find new customers prices don't increase as much or at all if you can get a deal.

BT Guidance -

More details -

As for the Wi-Fi personally I use a separatePOE AP for WiFi6 and yes I just totally disabled the SH2 Wi-Fi option so I see no reason why your Mesh devices wouldn't be similar.