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Unable to book an earlier installation appointment

Good evening,

Recently, I've booked an installation for the BT fibre 500 and I've chosen the installation date to be in April.

My plans have changed and I was looking to get an earlier appointment with BT.

I've contacted BT by phone to do it as I was unable to do it on their website and I've been told twice they can't move the appointment for an earlier one, as the system doesn't allow them.. even if on their website it's shows I can get installed in two weeks time.


How is this possible? The advisor also told me to cancel if I want and to place a new order in order to get the earlier appointment. How does this makes sense to BT? So they can't change that in their system so the only option for myself it's to cancel the order?

I've spoke with two advisors and they told me the same thing. For a new order, the earlier appointment showing its on the 17th of March, but I have to stay with my appointment for April.

Sincerely, it doesn't make any sense. And no, I don't want to place a new order as I don't want to be subject to another HARD credit check from BT. 

Any suggestions regarding this issue, please?

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Re: Unable to book an earlier installation appointment


This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators.

Its Openreach not BT Retail that do the installation, and when you placed your order you were given the first available Openreach appointment available at that time.

Its possible that since then there have been cancellations, or Openreach has more capacity.

Owing to the many issues that can arise on full fibre installations, its not advisable to cancel your order, as you are quite likely to get a later date than you have already been given.

If you have a 4G mobile signal, then mobile broadband may be an option, while you are waiting. BT may be able to loan you a 4G router.


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Re: Unable to book an earlier installation appointment

Hi @Keith_Beddoe , thank you for your reply.

I see your point of view but still doesn't makes sense to me, and let me explain you why.

Quick scenario..

Let's say I'm a new customer and I'll place a new order today and choose the installation date to be in May (two months from now).

One day later I'm calling BT to ask them to change the date in April (giving them plenty of notice - one month at least).

BT is saying they are unable to do it, as the system doesn't allow them to chose an earlier date. The agent also confirms there are plenty of earlier dates available, however they can't change that in the system.

However, they are asking the customer to cancel the order and place a new one.

How is this efficient for BT? Still blows my mind.

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Re: Unable to book an earlier installation appointment

Also, forgot to mention. 

Previously I had an order with Sky for FTTP broadband (using same openreach infrastructure) and they allowed me to change the appointment for an earlier one.

So Sky using Openreach could've done it but BT which is under the same "umbrella" with Openreach can't do it.

The reason I've cancelled the order with Sky and place a new one with BT is indeed, the price, however I've never thought I'll get to face this.

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