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Losing the BT Sport app



Not sure if anyone is in the same situation as me, but I have been a Broadband customer for a few years and as part of my deal I got the BT Sport app for free. Now the name/company has changed it looks like I am going to lose this. 


Does anyone know if this means I can cancel my contract early as I am losing something which I would still be keeping had they not sold it? Might sound silly but it don't seem right to me 

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Re: Losing the BT Sport app

You cannot cancel your broadband contract because you are losing something which is free and not part of your contract

If you login to btsport does it redirect you to activate discovery plus

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Re: Losing the BT Sport app

I'm afraid your access to BT Sport is only as a result of a system error in 2019 that was never cleaned up - you should have lost it back then, when you changed your package. You're therefore not entitled to activate a discovery+ account, and your access to BT Sport will cease on October 12th.

For those customers who were provided with free access to BT Sport 10 years ago and still have that subscription on their account (i.e. having not made any changes that would remove it), the decision was made to honour that subscription and still provide access to discovery+.

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Re: Losing the BT Sport app

That doesn't make much sense. So I upgraded and was told I would keep BT Sport app and now the name has changed I lose it?


If the other people can keep it why can't I. The way I see if if nothing changed in terms of the name, I would still have BT Sport like them?

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