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Making a complaint, and getting one person to follow through an account


I've been looking after my fathers account as he lost patience with BT, and i am now well and truely past that point too. I've spent 722 minutes (12 hours) on call to NT in the last 3 months. It's been that long i've sat and calculated through my phone history. 

He moved house 3 months ago, and BT have failed every step tryignt o get him set up with a workign phoneline and working broadband.

We've had 4 different BT accounts now, as the orders placed corrupted accounts, we are still using a temporary phone number, and orders are still outstanding with completion dates well past due. 

We are still even paying bills for accounts that are closed, and moeny is being taken from accounts for equipment that has been returned. 

I'd really like to be able to make a complaint or raise this with a department that will follow this through, as each time I call, i have to rexeplain all issues, and then get told I will receiev a call back, and the call back never comes. Then i call back, go on hold for 20 minutes to then explain the issues again, and get told they will definatly call me back and they just don't.


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Re: Making a complaint, and getting one person to follow through an account

This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers and will not be able to deal with any issues relating to your account.

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