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Multiple Accounts, Cancelled Orders too difficult for BT to resolve

Turning to community as every avenue of exploration leads 

Returned to BT Broadband after 18 month break, already had premium Mail and therefore a BT ID. Ordered the whole package BB, (Fibre 100 install) BT TV, BT / TNT Sport and BT TV. and second TV Box

Got a confirmation and what it would cost, what could possible go wrong....Lots as it happens.

Was asked to create a BT ID, I already had one, when I did try and log in, couldn't get past security, had a Google pop up that said my account was compromised (Alarm bells). Even had a message that my log in was now blocked.

Was told that I'd cancelled every thing other than the BB Digi landline, I most certainly did not ( this was to alter a little later).

Had several conversations about 2 accounts , non access and differing account info from Mobile MY BT App and logging in from a Laptop via Google. Was promised call backs, which didn't happen and that all would be resolved in approx 72 hours. Apparently it wasn't a problem as I could reorder the Media package, which was done form the original quote code , even that wasn't right as the additional TV box was missed off...... 

Out of frustration I cancelled the whole lot, then relented and asked that this request be rescinded other than the BB Landline package. 

No matter what I can see I still cannot manage my account. Cannot access Norton, again told this wasn't a problem because I had Window's protection, I remonstrated and asked why then was Norton offered at all, it was something that BT do...erh!

Had text messages saying that my order was cancelled and that I have to reorder via phone or web, And still got a message that I hadn't set up my BT ID

Fibre Install wasn't that great either (subby was nice enough) but didn't communicate that my indoor fibre couldn't go where initially agreed and left the copper line in place, not sure why as the pole had to be climbed to link the new fibre.

Bottom line is I'm not happy, don't know what I'm now signed up to.

There was one plus point, through the post I was told that my old account was in credit (18months out of date ) to the tune of + £12 and would be paid directly to my Bank Account (it looked like every month I had a bill for that +£12 which was also credited every month.

Anyone else had similar issues?




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