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Multiple BT ID's preventing managing products


I have previously held a BT broadband account at a previous address, around 6 years ago.

In the last few years I have moved into a new address, and started a new BT Broadband package. Recently upgrading to the fibre package.

The issue I have is when logging into My BT the account number defaults to the old account number, which prevents me from managing my current package. I can access the bills of my active account, but nothing else.

As part of the new BT package, I have the offer for the 12 month xbox game pass, however, due to the issues with the account numbers I am unable to redeem this.

Can my old BT ID be removed from my account email address?

Note: I have had to sign up to communities using a different email address, as the one I use for my main BT account does not receive the verification email address.


Kind Regards


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Re: Multiple BT ID's preventing managing products

Hi @ChrisK95

Welcome and thanks for your post!

I am sorry for the problems you're having with your BTID.  I understand there is an older account on there from a few years ago that it keeps defaulting to and this is resulting in you having problems managing your active account. 

Have you tried contacting our guides in the helpdesk?  You can reach them on 0330 1234 150.  Give them a shout and they should be able to get you sorted.  Feel free to post back and let me know how you get on chatting with them 🙂



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