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My BT Content Partner Section missing?

Hi. I've recently upgraded to BT Full Fibre 500. I was advised I'm eligible for a free Xbox Game Pass. Since the order closing and going live, I've received an email and text telling me my Game Pass is ready. 

I'm to go on to My BT (on the Internet) and under manage products go to the Content Partner Section to redeem.

However, the Content Partner Section is not visible, it's not there. Please can someone reach out and resolve this for me. I've seen a few other customers recently flag this as an issue in the community. 


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Re: My BT Content Partner Section missing?

It most probably is there, just thanks to some appalling bad web design some people can never find it!

Log into "MyBT"
pick "My Products" from wither the menu under the page title bar, or the button further down the page.
Now scroll down - and you may find it!

Reading between the lines it looks as if there may have been something dodgy happening related to the XBox offering.  So if the offer isn't there you may need to contact customer services directly.

I only learn by making mistakes and owning up to them - boy do I learn a lot!
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Re: My BT Content Partner Section missing?

Hi @abking,

Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to see that you can't find the option to add the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate add on, free for 6 months.

Can you try what @Crimliar suggested, please? Let me know if you need my help as a guide for BT.

Thank you


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