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New Customer Discount

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Hi, after some advice. I am out of contract on a TV & FTTP Broadband package, which is currently renewing at well over a £100. Having spoken twice,  to 2 different customer service agents, it appears that whilst I can reduce this price, I would be saving around £25 a month for 2 years if I sign up as a brand new customer, which both CS people actually recommended doing!? Therefore I have a couple of questions....

1) If Mrs Candlestickchimney signs up, will we get continuity of service as my account switches off, and hers switches on?

2) Would her new contract automatically 'switch off' my contract, or would I need to serve notice to avoid double payments?

3) I have 2 existing Youview boxes from 2017 - I understand that I wouldn't need to return these, but would they still work alongside any new box I get sent (I've got the old wired Humax? ones)


Any help greatly received, cheers! 

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Re: New Customer Discount

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Your wife would get a new BT account number as a new customer.

To be careful, I would cancel the current contract.

You will probably be sent the new BT Pro box by default and she should ask for the BT mini box if you want multiroom.

Since you have the older boxes already I believe you may not have to return these, but when you notify of your cancellation BT will confirm this.