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Now is the time to Upgrade to EE Email

Just got the email, with my offer.....An offer that does not have any price on i have to phone EE to upgrade/transfer from BT to their all rounder plan which is £49.99 per month.

And if i do upgrade to EE i have the pleasure of paying £2 per month for my phone line, a charge that i currently dont pay.


BT/EE are going to lose 10s of thousands of customers. I for one will be off to cityfibre....I doubt they care mind..

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Re: Now is the time to Upgrade to EE Email

I called up for my personal offer, bearing in mind the email says (plus when i go to EE site and search what speeds i can get) that i can get up to 1.6gbps… the guy at bt said they can only offer me the 900mbps package at £93! Thats way more than im paying now anyway, but on EE site it says i could get 900mbps package for £49.99. The 1.6gig package on EE is £65. Im not going up to £93 when my mates are paying under £30 for 500gb and im already paying over double that for 150gb. Id cancel but its a £640 cancellation fee. I wish id never agreed on my current awful deal - my fault though i guess.

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Re: Now is the time to Upgrade to EE Email

i pay £39.99 for bt halo 500......ive pegged it to that figure for the last 2 years by renewing in the first week of march each year, but that ties you into yet another 24 month contract....i wont be doing this, this march and will be off Jan 25 to one of the 7 city fibre providers that offer 900 speeds for much less than BT/EE offer 500 speeds.


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Re: Now is the time to Upgrade to EE Email

Wow that is an eye opener! Ive been fairly annoyed that my friends have been getting brilliant cheap deals from other companies, but i renewed during a time i was working at home 100% so didnt want anything to get messed up by changing provider etc - but reading that you are getting 500 for £39.99 that is just depressing as im getting 150 for £79.99 - im feeling pretty cheated by bt right now. 
The crazy thing is that about 12 years ago i swore id never go with bt again after they said they were going to increase my charges because i was 10x over my download limit which was impossible and further proven right as i still got threatening emails from them even though id moved to sky broadband and didnt even get my broadband from bt anymore.

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