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Re: Home Essentials Package Order Issue

Hi I have had the same problem I was first told I was no longer eligible due to change in circumstance's but nothing had changed . I was re instated on to home essentials fiber 2 but I was charged for my phone calls , I contacted Bt package changed yet again  the cost has gone up from £20 to £23  still on fiber 2 . But my package is still  on pay as you go for phone calls yet before they messed it up I was on unlimited phone calls I have spoken to Bt again tonight as I was owed a refund , this was sorted but I don’t seem to get anywhere with  BT about my phone calls not being included with the home essentials fiber 2 any ideas or help please . Home essentials was supposed to help but Its costing me far more now than before and far to expensive to make phone calls now .

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Re: Home Essentials Package Order Issue

I have moved your post to this new thread, so you can get advice from the community.

This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers and will not be able to deal with any issues relating to your account.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators, who may offer to help, when everything else has been tried.

Try calling 0330 1234 150

You can message BT using the "message us" links on the help pages. That is usually effective.