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Re: How can I revert control of my Xbox account back to Microsoft?

Hi @NeilO ,

I also just recently tried to add the 12 months to an existing game pass subscription that was subscribed until 2025. It only added 1 month instead of 12 (not worried about this at this point) and now the subscription is managed by BT/EE.

I contacted BT customer support and got them to turn off auto-renewal (as this was not working for me in My Products). 

The control of the subscription has not yet reverted to Microsoft. Should this happen immediately or will this be in 12 months time or in 2025 when my subscription fully expires?

I know you mentioned that some outliers need to be manually reverted back to microsoft. Is there any way to do this immediately? I'm a bit nervous at this point of losing access to my account when the BT 12 month ends or when the 2025 subscription expires.

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Re: How can I revert control of my Xbox account back to Microsoft?

@NightingaleAdam I'm sorry about the delay getting back to you, I haven't been in the community for a while.

The Gamepass with BT will continue adding a monthly subscription until the 12 months have all been applied. As you've now opted out of the auto-renewal it won't switch over to the chargeable version after the 12 months have finished and the control of the subscription will automatically revert back to Microsoft at that point.