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Returned SH2 to BT - is there an issue?

I had an email reminder a few days ago to return equipment, and I have just seen in mybt account area that there is a tab that still shows the Smart Hub 2 is still wating to be returned. Is this something I need to worry about? Will I get charged if BT don't log that this has been returned? If a mod can update this and log it as returned that would be great.

I upgraded to Full Fibre 500 on 4 Aug and returned the SH2 in the supplied bag shortly after. I recall getting a proof of postage slip from the post office, I am sure I can dig it out of a drawer if this is needed. 

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Re: Returned SH2 to BT - is there an issue?

It is taking up to four weeks for accounts to be updated after receipt of returned items. If you call BT 0800.800.150 with your proof of postage they will update it for you.

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