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Returning kit

This is going to be a rant! (no apologies). Having returned a router (new, unused) via the supplied bag etc. I was disappointed to start receiving text messages reminding me to return the kit. The first such message was received 8th March, 10 days after the item was delivered to BT. I know the message comes with a built-in excuse re taking up to 3 weeks to realise the kit was delivered but it is precisely this that annoys me. For all the presumably huge investment BT has in IT systems, can I suggest a simple, same day solution? Give the receiving department a spreadsheet, listing all the items to be returned. When Postman Pat arrives at BT with the parcels, the person receiving the kit could enter the fact it is now in BT's hands on the spreadsheet. The IT system should then flag the kit as returned and stop the automatic generation of "reminder" text messages. This morning, I received yet another text message and that has annoyed me greatly.  Given the fact the kit was received by BT on 26th February, today is 24 days after the date of receipt so the built-in excuse re 3 weeks to realise it has been received is null and void. What makes today's message particularly annoying is the opening line: "A reminder that we still haven't received your kit..." BT HAS received the kit so a more truthful line for the text message would be "We still haven't realised that we have received your it". Where is the link for me to register the Royal Mail tracking number in order to show delivery details? There isn't one!

Perhaps I shall post the details here:

Tracking number: QZ445770407GB

Delivered Sunday 26th February by Scottish Parcel Hub Delivery.

I don't expect to receive another text message from BT but, if I do, I shall consider it as harrassment!

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Re: Returning kit

Hi @Scouse, sorry you're getting reminder texts for equipment you've already returned.

I've sent you a Private Message so you can get in touch with the Mod team and we'll help get these stopped.



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