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Re: SMS from BT_SMS "new Full Fibre promise"

can you delete address as this is a public forum 

dslchecker definately shows FTTP available

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Re: SMS from BT_SMS "new Full Fibre promise"

Does anyone know the procedure to get the free upgrade to FF 100, as agreed when I  added  halo 3+ to my latest contract.

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Re: SMS from BT_SMS "new Full Fibre promise"

Although the Openreach checker shows that at a wholesale level the product is available for suppliers ( like BT , Sky Vodafone etc ) , it doesn’t necessarily follow that every ISP has the interconnections ready to link the OR FTTP network into their own ISP equipment, so does the BT.Com also show FTTP as available ?

TBH , if it does , it seems strange that you are encountering a problem, upgrading to FTTP once it’s available is still showing as an advantage of Halo3+ and occasionally it shows as an incentive  when taking  F2 for new customers, the T&C’s suggest those qualifying ( once FTTP is available ) will be contacted, hence the question if BT show FTTP as available.

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