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Still being billed despite cancelling of contract

I phoned and cancelled my broadband contract on the 26th March 2024, I received a returnable envelope around 5 days later to return my router, on, or before the 25th April (30 days after cancellation), which I did on the 12th April, as I've now moved abroad.

I've even had a message saying bt have received the old router, and will recycle etc. I was told, if I didn't return it, I would incur costs, anyway I'm still being billed for usage, now and for future use.


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Re: Still being billed despite cancelling of contract

30 days notice given 26/3/24 ,  today is  21/4/24  ,  you haven’t even reached the end of the notice period yet , it’s way too early to be looking at this and being concerned , it’s normal for the billing period to be different to the contract dates , or any notice to quit , you pay for a variable period after you have quit , because that bill for after the date you decided to quit was already in production , any days you will have paid for ( that are after the 30 day notice ) are refunded,  that’s why it’s not a good idea to cancel the direct debit as the refund is made by a reverse DD , basically there is nothing wrong it’s the way it works .


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Re: Still being billed despite cancelling of contract

Hi there, thank you for taking time out to reply, appreciated, and yea I get it now, I've cancelled my DD, but they will generate a settlement fee for outstanding few days, I can pay when received. 



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