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Switched to New EE 1.6GB has gone wrong and EE/ BT have no clue how to fix - AVOID THIS SERVICE...

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I write this post in the hope that someone who can make thing happened at BT / EE might get in touch with me as so far, the 9 people I have spoken to in the New EE dedicated team appear to be all be totally useless and just ignorant . 

Whats my issue ? 

 I switched from TalkTalk 900MB Fibre to New EE 1.6GB on Tuesday 28th November, had a new next generation ONT installed on the morning and a promise that my service would be up and running shorty however that has still not happened. 

5 days in, no internet, no "unbreakable service" and no clue as to when it will be fixed, if its will be fixed or what the actual problem is. ( feels like there is a lot of guesswork going on)  

Apparently, this has NEVER happened before however Openreach believe there is a mismatched serial number at the Exchange and my issues has been escalated to a team called "the complicated case team" who are looking into this yet dont work weekends, have no way of a person speaking to them, dont work to SLA's and can offer no guarantees of when or even "If" my service will return. 

9 phone called to the dedicated New EE team and not one of them advisors has returned my call after promising to go though my issues with a fine tooth comb, guide me on a journey and take me though to completion (there are all phrases that has been used) . 

So as I write this, tethered to my mobile I am wondering if anyone has this issue or knows of a person at BT / EE who I can speak to that will listen, care, make things happened and try to resolve rather than tell me that they need to raise a ticket but cannot speak to the departments needed as they are not customer facing (internal or external customer) . 

Surely this isn't right ? 

Anyone have any ideas of offer any help? 

Since install, Openreach have come out to the hour a 2nd time , check the ONT, checking the line, checked the light levels and say that everything is working at there end so the problem lies in EE's systems. 

EE say the problem lies with Openreach... 

Meanwhile the customer is left to just put up with rubbish service and a feel that that EE/ BT really dont care or worse (have a clue what to do). 


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Re: Switched to New EE 1.6GB has gone wrong and EE/ BT have no clue how to fix - AVOID THIS SERVICE.

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Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

You need to post on the EE forum.

Somebody there should be able to get your fibre package sorted out.