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Switching from Virgin Media (Broadband, TV, Phone)

Hi all,

Am considering a switch from Virgin Media back to BT (was a very long time user). 

Virgin are offering me the 'Bigger Bundle' package and I was interested in the BT Community's views on which BT package is the nearest equivalent:

* Broadband M350mbps [I was on M600 mbps, but it was costing me £147.50 so am downgrading]

* TV (MaxIT) (including NetFlix, Disney channels as well as the usual BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc)

* Talk anytime landline - free calls

* 18 month contract

Will be paying £70 per month for 18 months, then it goes up to £99.

Any views if there is a better deal out there with BT? Am rather bamboozled by all the different packages, so thought I'd ask people who might have a better idea.



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