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Unable to create BT ID account.

About 15 years ago I went with BT and cancelled. So my email address is already registered.

Recently I signed up for Fibre so I have a new account number. I called and support just said to use a new email address. So I added a dot to my gmail email address which I will still get emails for. The activation email never arrived, not in spam. Only 2 places it can go with gmail. I requested it about 10 more times and they never arrived.

I tried to register another email address, but still no activation email, and upon trying to log in with those details, I get a "Sorry, we can’t get your account details at the moment" error. 

I tried to add the BT account to my existing BT ID, but it asks for my BT phone number, but I didn't opt for a landline and I cannot progress any further without it. 

Anything I can do? Phone support aren't helpful. 

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Re: Unable to create BT ID account.

Hi @Joeyc I'm sorry to see you're experiencing problems creating a BT ID. I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch and the moderation team will be happy to help.



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