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Unlimited evening and weekend calls upgrade

Hi I live in Northern Ireland and I am still on the Unlimited Evening and Weekend Calls package which costs £16.92 per month & totals £50.76 per quarter (every 3 months). I also live in an area where broadband cannot be installed so I receive a line only discount of £11.32 per month also. 

I want to upgrade to UNLIMITED MINUTES calls package which allow calls to UK landlines, UK mobiles anytime day or night but possibly not sure if I will be paying more? Please Help as soon as possible 

Q1. On the above unlimited evening & weekend calls package, as I live in Northern Ireland, I currently get all landline calls to the Republic of Ireland included free in my package, is this still free if I upgrade to the UNLIMITED MINUTES call package? 

Q2. When I upgrade to the UNLIMITED MINUTES package upon ordering it states £12.50 & when I select standard line rental (discounted - no broadband) it cost £11.73 monthly, the total per month is showing £24.23 - why is this costing more per month if it’s the only package that is a suitable upgrade to what I currently have which costs me a lot less at moment?


I have tried bt via phone but the waiting queues are lengthy so any advice here is gratefully received thank you 




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Re: Unlimited evening and weekend calls upgrade

": UK means calls to Local and National numbers beginning 01, 02, 03 and 05 and calls from Northern Ireland to landlines in the Republic of Ireland and UK mobile numbers."

BT_PhoneTariff_Residential.pdf Bottom of page 22


A thank you is nice, it makes the effort worthwhile, but a kudo is better, by a country mile. (I'm no poet & boy don't I know it)
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Re: Unlimited evening and weekend calls upgrade

& is it cheaper than the current deal I have at moment?
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Re: Unlimited evening and weekend calls upgrade

The legacy calls package you are on Evening and Weekends doesn’t include calls to mobiles or daytime calls , but it doesn’t have like for like replacement with the new calls packages ,which are  PAYG, 700 mins and Unlimited,  price wise , the value of E&WE probably is between PAYG ( free ) and 700 mins ( £7.50 ) so I’ve given it an arbitrary value of £4.

If you change from E&WE to the new ‘Unlimited’ , you get more inclusive calls , daytime calls and calls to mobiles would be included which you currently would pay for, so it’s not unreasonable to expect that you would pay more than you currently do, if you replaced your E&WE  with the Unlimited  plan.

Your figure of £16.92 (£50.76 a quarter)  is what I would expect to pay for a landline with no broadband  , so in receipt of the no broadband discount with  E&WE calls ,( roughly line rental of £24 ish   minus £11, for the no broadband discount , plus around £4 for E&WE calls plan ) so around £17 in total, roughly this is what you pay ( £16.92 ).

The difference between PAYG and Unlimited on the new calls plans is £16.

Again  roughly , I would expect your discount line rental with Unlimited calls to cost you around £12 a month more than you currently pay, if you are changing from something with an arbitrary cost of £4 a month to something costing £16 , that’s £12 a month more …obviously these are ballpark figures as you don’t state what you actually pay for E&WE ( but it’s not free, the only legacy  plan that didn’t have a cost was WE only )

Only you know if the ability to make these extra inclusive daytime and mobile calls makes this a worthwhile expense ( that I think will be around £12 extra on your bill ) 

FYI , getting the ‘no broadband’ discount isn’t on the website, it says to call 0800 587 0083, the price for  calls plans seem to be negotiable, so you may get Unlimited for less than £16, but £29 per month (£13 discounted line rental + £16 Anytime  calls ,  is the ballpark figure, you should expect to pay.

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Re: Unlimited evening and weekend calls upgrade

If you don't have broadband and want unlimited minutes, have a look at BT Home Phone Saver

What you get:

You can pay for Home Phone Saver Plan by any means of payment that we currently accept.

Home Phone Saver Plan is a telephone only deal, so can't be taken out as part of our BT Broadband packages.

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