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Upgrading BT Broadband to include Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Hi 😊

I am already a BT customer and in my current offers I can upgrade to the 900 speed and get 12 months Game Pass free, which is a really good offer because I currently pay the monthly subscription so my son (13yrs old) can play it.

What I'd like is some advice please, I know yes it is definitely worth it financially but are there any negative issues that come with it?  I've read articles about not being able to manage your own account etc so I'd just like to know how it actually works in the real life.  I've read the post on here about how it works etc but I wanted to ask if it changes anything to do with my own Microsoft account or my son's Xbox account/profile, for instance will he still be able to buy games from his account or enter a game download code that's I've bought from somewhere else other Microsoft.   Also what is meant by a  'token'?  Is this a code, or something else, you redeem every month or a one off thing you have to do?

I phoned BT but the lady didn't really know the answers so any help is welcome as the last thing I want to do is sign up for the extra package and then everything goes belly up and I have a 13yr old moaning at me because I'm unable to get issues sorted with BT - I've read some posts where it's taken weeks to sort so that worries me a lot.

Thanks again for any help/advice/information (positive and the negative)

Jayne 😁


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Re: Upgrading BT Broadband to include Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

So I've only just joined BT and the XBox ultra package was a part of the plan.  So far as I can see, the only see that changes is that payment is now managed BT, everything else stays the same.  So I still have access to my player account (cheeky name that I don't think they would allow now!) that stretches back to "The Village" and "The internet game zone" from the late 1990's.  Unfortunately, my moderator account and it's somewhat desirable username disappeared around the time "MSN Groups" were closed.  

I only learn by making mistakes and owning up to them - boy do I learn a lot!
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