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Upgrading to Halo3+

My Halo contract is due for renewal in a few weeks time. My location does not yet have access to full fibre although Openreach have recently installed fibre in the street outside my home. Halo 3+ is available to me at an additional cost of £8 per month which comes without a speed increase (Current speed around 30 Mbps) but the promise of access to full fibre when it becomes available. I appreciate that it may take some time before this happens.

1. Assuming that I take up this offer and a full fibre connection is eventually installed, what download speed should I expect for this price?

2. Will I have to pay considerably more in order to get anything like the maximum 900 Mbps quoted on the BT website? (Looking at the current price list £81.99 is quoted)



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Re: Upgrading to Halo3+

Assuming they’re the same prices as when I first got fttp you can get 500 down 73 up for 39.99 


Then you can upgrade it to 900 for an extra 5 a month so 44.99

Some staff you speak to at bt won’t have access to this 44.99 price and they’ll be given 54.99 a month lowest however ask them to clear it through their manager and they can apply the 44.99 price 

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Re: Upgrading to Halo3+

I was given the same new contract prices as you above 80ish on the upgrade bit on account but this was because the system was calculating the bill for the current ip profile and the new upgraded profile, and combining them

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Re: Upgrading to Halo3+

Hello ballstorture

The prices you mention sound not too bad.

I'll certainly keep your advice in mind when I am able to obtain full fibre.

Thank you

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Re: Upgrading to Halo3+

I would try to find out the time to FTTP becoming available before locking in a high price. The price for FTTP 900Mbps (Full Fibre) with BT for a new customer was around £55.99 on the website rather than £80!

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Re: Upgrading to Halo3+

Thank you - yes, agreed. There is little point in paying just now with no firm date for availability.

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Re: Upgrading to Halo3+

If it’s been recently installed you shouldn’t be waiting that much longer I guess

 if openreach have installed full fibre in your area and its finished, phone up ask them to arrange a survey on the property then civils team will have to come out to dig up the road outside door/gate for cable then outside box fitting will get arranged.. after that job clears they can come out and install inside stuff


apart from 9.99 for smart hub 2 delivery if you don’t already have one you’ll pay your first bill for full fibre a month after 

Do you have the wifi discs too? If not don’t bother getting them, if you need blackspots fixed ask for a second smart hub 2 to be sent out and pay another tenner, just join them together with ethernet


stay on the package you have now unless you have bt mobile or you could maybe even get better speeds from 4g hub, depends where you are but extra 8 quid a month would be worth it for the mean time.. check out speeds in the house with an ee or bt sim

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Re: Upgrading to Halo3+

Thanks for that - I have checked out the openreach website which relates to survey and it appears to be a chargeable event.

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Re: Upgrading to Halo3+

That will be for FTTPoD which is a completely different product to WBC FTTP aimed at business use  and is extremely expensive.

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Re: Upgrading to Halo3+

Ok folks - thanks to your advice on this forum I have registered a query with openreach and await a response