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Waiting 4 Months for FTTP Connection, Mousehole, Cornwall

Hi, I have been waiting 4 months for FTTP and am now tearing my hair out and at a loss as to what to do.

Back in October 2022, Openreach contacted me to say that FTTP was now available so I placed an order immediately.  No date for connection was given and then, out of nowhere, I had an email from BT on December 29th to say they'd cancelled my order,  I re-ordered again on the same day - 29th December, 2022.  

It is now early March 2023 and still no connection.  I have raised a complaint with BT and all staff are incredibly helpful but seem unable to do anything.  I get weekly/fortnightly updates saying that they're waiting for Openreach.

The really galling thing is that Openreach is still saying on their site that FTTP is available and, furthermore, because it's available I can't have a copper connection (which the previous occupant of the property had) because "now that FTTP is available, we can't sell you copper".

I have even managed to speak to someone at Openreach who said that they couldn't understand the delay and had never heard of a delay this long before with BT and that they have "plenty of engineers available".

There is no mobile phone signal at the property so, despite being given 4G boxes by BT as an interim measure, we are no further forward as there is no signal.  We even tried an antenna on the roof but that didn't work.

I really don't know what to do.  Can anyone help, please?


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Re: Waiting 4 Months for FTTP Connection, Mousehole, Cornwall

Who are you speaking to at BT? Have you spoken to the FTTP team on 0800 587 4787?
That number diverts to the normal help desk when they are busy, just hang up and try a bit later if it does.

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Re: Waiting 4 Months for FTTP Connection, Mousehole, Cornwall

I've just been going through the 0330 1234 150 number but, thank you, I'll try the FTTP number.

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