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Was offered compensation for being unable to use my Digital Voice phone but still not received it

I was unable to use my phone for a period after transferring to Digital Voice.

Despite actually reporting this to several members of the support team none of them appeared to do anything to fix it.

Finally, I was lucky enough to speak to someone who almost instantly understood what was wrong and he got things fixed for me and I was finally able to use Digital Voice.

It appeared that in transferring me from the old system to the new Digital Voice they had put in place a redirection which should have been removed when the Digital Voice went live.

The man that I spoke with said he was able to work this out quickly due to the fact that he has practical experience on fixing phones and was aware of the uses of redirects etc. It appears that most of the call centre staff I came in contact with didn't have this experience/knowledge.

I said I expected compensation for not being able to use my Digital Voice service which BT where still charging me for.

We agreed on a figure that I would get back, I won't mention it here, and he said that would close my complaint, trouble is the person responsible for signing off on this does not appear to have done so. This was a month ago.

A condition of getting this money back seemed to be that I don't report this to Ofcom but I am getting close to doing so and still, would expect the compensation as they billed me for something they have not supplied me.

Wonder if there might be a need to take this to small claims court.

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