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Why has BT punished me for leaving them!

I cancelled my BT sport, now TNT sport in February 2024. Never missed a payment the 2 years I had BT sport as it was direct debit. I decided to stop having BT sport because I was being punished my being a loyal customer with higher bills each year, so I decided to get BT sport for half the price through Sky Tv.

I spoke to a customer service agent and we agreed to stop my package with them at the end of my contract, I paid the last installment via direct debit, all seemed OK as on the My BT app it said last payment received thank you. 

However, since February 2024 I have had 2 negative credit files from BT saying payment missed. It has taken 241 points off my credit score!!!! I have read on the BT community that this has happened to multiple people and even stopped someone from getting a mortgage!!

BT you need to update my credit score ASAP this is beyond a joke!! You're ruining people's credit score out of spite because people choose to go elsewhere. 

I have recently checked my last bill, and for no apparent reason I seen on there that BT put 'payment missed' moments before they put 'direct debit paid thank you' this seems intentional and basically spiteful. It should be illegal. If BT don't resolve this issue soon I will take legal action against them as it seems its a evil trick they play on anyone deciding to leave them

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Re: Why has BT punished me for leaving them!

This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers and will not be able to deal with any issues relating to your account.

Try calling 0330 1234 150

You can message BT using the "message us" links on the help pages. That is usually effective.

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Re: Why has BT punished me for leaving them!

Thanks for your pointless generic reply, I understand this is customer to customer. I am exhausting all complaints service etc as BT are useless for actually dealing with anyone's requests 

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Re: Why has BT punished me for leaving them!

Have you raised a complaint with BT?


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Re: Why has BT punished me for leaving them!

As @Keith_Beddoe has said, you aren't talking to BT here, just other customers, so you may want to modify the tone.

I can assure you that you aren't being punished for leaving. If that were the case then these forums, as well as the wider media, would be awash with the same complaint. You're simply yet another victim of BT's inherent incompetence.

I know it's a PITA but I'd suggest putting this in writing via ye olde Recorded Delivery email as that will start Ofcom's clock ticking. BT then have eight weeks to resolve it or provide a deadlock letter, after which you can escalate to Ofcom. You also need to dispute this with whichever credit reference agency you're using, so that they can flag it as disputed & under investigation.

If you're lucky, one of the Moderators (who are BT employees) may offer to help. A change of attitude may make that more likely.