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Your broadband is suspended but bill is up to date

Hi, I am having an issue where I am up to date with my payments, yet still get a message on my devices when I try to use them that my broadband has been suspended due to an outstanding bill.

I have called the contact number, but was on the phone for around 2 hours, whilst the teams have said there are no issues their end and there is a blue light on the router, I am still getting this message and no one seems to have a solution.

I am wondering if you can apply the same fix to my account as milouvision (a past user, whose problem was solved by restricting and unrestricting the account to clear it) as I have been without internet for 2 days now.


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Re: Your broadband is suspended but bill is up to date

Hi @deanlikesbeefcurry

Welcome and thanks for your post!

I am sorry for the problems you're having using your services.  It would take us a few days to pick this up so in the meantime, try contacting one of our guides on Facebook (BT) or Twitter @bt_uk. They'll be able to look into this for you straight away.



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