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bereavement help being charged over £700 for dad dying



im sorry this is long, i cant think straight.


my dad was killed 4 weeks ago. on wednesday i called bt bereavement. (only got interim death cert last week). i lived with my dad.


i told the bereavement person i need to cancel the tv, and change the broadband, but id like to keep the number. i explained im disabled and on benefits. i cant afford dads package.


he told me the account would be put into my name. that i could change to a broadband package for people on benefits, and cancel the tv package. that this was seen as a new contract, and i had 14 days to cancel, he said to call the value and loyalty team, and they would remove the tv, and give me the cheap boradband.


i got an email saying i was owner of the contract, had 14 days to cancel, but would have to pay for nowtv etc. the man on the phone tole me i wouldnt have to pay, as dads bill date was the day i called, and dad paid on the 25th.


i was worried and called the loyalty team. i explained everything. he kept putting me on hold to talk to his manager. he said he couldnt remove the tv package as bt are changing to ee.he said he would order a new package, then cancel it next week. he said the cheapest broadband he could offer was £75, even though i sent a screenshot of a deal i had while signed in, that was £35. eventually he read the email saying i had 14 days to cancel. he said as it was a bereavement i wouldnt be charged to change or leave. he said the best deal was £75. he said can i keep my number, and go elsewhere. he explained how it works, and said it would be ok, and i wouldnt have to pay for leaving.


so i found a deal with sky, and signed up. i just checked my emails before bed, and cant breathe. bt are telling me i have to pay over £700 for leaving the contract. my dad was killed. he didnt want to die. i dont have £700, i cant afford to put the heating on even though im freezing, and couldnt get the food shop yet.


im terrified. im at breaking point. 2 different people and an email told me i can cancel. 2 people, and a manager told me i wouldnt have to pay to change contracts or leave. i hope i dont wake up, i cant take this.i dont know what to do. how can bt do this to someone who is grieving after telling them multiple times they wouldnt have to pay to change package or leave.

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Re: bereavement help being charged over £700 for dad dying


This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators. I have asked one of them to post here.

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Re: bereavement help being charged over £700 for dad dying

oh ok, ty. sorry. i got the link from mse, as someone said dont post there about bt, post here.


i have been up all night crying and stressed. i just realised the 700 is only the phone and internet, and they will charge me for dads tv package too. he had the full works, with all the sport, nowtv, and netflix premium. so the amount they are forcing me to pay for dad dying is double.


how can they do this? i cant cope with everything. now this.

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Re: bereavement help being charged over £700 for dad dying

it's a pity you decided to move to SKY as mods probably easier to fix if stayed with BT

do you qualify here

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Re: bereavement help being charged over £700 for dad dying

If you are still within the cooling off period for Sky (normally 14 days), then you could cancel it without any charge, and then return to BT with a favourable contract that one of the moderators may be able to arrange, as its possible you were wrongly advised. 

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Re: bereavement help being charged over £700 for dad dying

Hi @sherb, I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of your Father and the notification of this cancellation charge is very worrying.

Don't worry we'll be happy to help you get this resolved. I've sent you a Private Message so you can get on touch with the Mod team for our help.



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Re: bereavement help being charged over £700 for dad dying

hi, ok ty both. 


i didnt want to leave bt, i wanted to stay. but it was an hour and a half phone call, of just stress and going nowhere. i kept saying i cant afford the £75, but he couldnt do anything. he even tried to sell me a new mobile contract.


i do qualify for the cheap broadband. 


i signed up for sky less than 24 hours ago, so if bt can help, id rather stay than the hassle of switching.

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Re: bereavement help being charged over £700 for dad dying


My advice to you would be to cancel Sky now, as it would not have been activated yet, so there would be no charge. If you leave it any longer, you will end up with two problems.

Then let @JohnC2  sort this out for you, I am sure you will end up with a satisfactory result.

Just remember to reply to the private message from @JohnC2 right away.

The message should be here



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Re: bereavement help being charged over £700 for dad dying



i just replied. the reason i signed up for sky last night is there was an offer for a £90 giftcard that ended at midnight last night, and i can use it in tesco.


do you think its ok to wait to hear back from the mod, as it said it can take 3-5 working days? 


i dont need more stress if sky becomes an issue. the activation date is may 2nd. is it ok to cancel next week do you think, as i have 14 days? 


thankyou so much, i honeslty cant think straight.

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Re: bereavement help being charged over £700 for dad dying


No, cancel Sky right away. Your BT Broadband service should continue as there would be no takeover. Doing it now, should avoid any equipment being sent out, which you would then have the hassle of returning. The gift card would only have been given, 14 days after activation, and it would be too late then.

That should prevent any cancellation charges, as there is a 10 day delay before a service can be taken over anyway. This is an Ofcom requirement.

@JohnC2 can initially re-instate your original contract to start with, then sort out with you exactly what services you want, and agree a price, as it appears to me, that you were originally given the wrong advice.