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issues trying to get broadband. Openreach, fibre/copper line

I have been having issues with broadband line since i moved in to my flat december 2022.

I thought a head and orders NOWTV Broadband so that it would be up and running before Christmas. I had so many issues with this for 7-8weeks. They could not get my line running even though the previous occupier had Vodafone BB.


After 3 attempts/cancelled orders i gave up and tried BT.  Yet same issues!!  

Im on my 5th attempt at trying to get a broadband connection in my flat.

My  1st order was for Fibre 1 with the smart hub.  2weeks later i had working boradband but then 2 days later it was cut off. After phoning BT they said it was an issue with openreach and they will get back to me. Next thing i know my order was cancelled!!

2nd attempt, they then suggested i should have the hybrid connection so that at least i can get online while they wait for openreach, so the hybrid came, all plugged in and setup, it worked. then a few days later i got cut off.

so again, contacted BT and was they apologised etc.. then sent me the little white 4G Hub. now, ive since had a working broadband with this hub. great.   but still waiting for an actual BT boradband line!

3rd/4th attempts whislt waiting 2 weeks inbetween them came along, same issues/openreach. so last week BT contacted me and finally said the issue is because i do not have fibre lines in the building, just old copper lines.  ffs

So again they have cancelled my order and reordered but now its fibre 2.

This is the last chance, if this doesnt work im going elsewhere, no idea where but still.... utter joke. Its been 2 months and its got nowhere.


So i need to know if this Fibre 2 option is the one for me. The name kind of rings alarm bells.... FIBRE!!  i have old copper lines, will this still work?

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Re: issues trying to get broadband. Openreach, fibre/copper line

forgot to mention, because of the order being cancelled, reordered all the time i currently have 1 hybrid, 3 smart hubs and the EE 4g thing, with another smart hub on the way in the next week or so ;/

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Re: issues trying to get broadband. Openreach, fibre/copper line

There's basically 3 main types of wired broadband: 1) FTTP/FTTH - (full fibre). This uses fibre optic cable all the way to your property. 2) FTTC - (hybrid fibre). This uses fibre optic cable to the (usually green) street cabinet and then copper phone line to your property. 3) ADSL - (copper broadband). This uses the copper phone line from the local telephone exchange to the green street cabinet and then from there to your property.
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Broadband to be activated to day...its now 7.30pm!!

I know it says by midnight but this is the 5th attempt at trying to get broadband line of BT and if this doesn't come live tonight I'm going to give up and bin the equipment! 


So what do I do at my end? Shall I unplug the hub 2 or leave it plugged in?  It's got flashing purple light at the moment 

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