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out of contract upgrade offered but no Hub2

I had the email reminding me I was out of contract on my fibre 1 and that i should check out the offers which I did, however I think it may be misleading..

My account says I can upgrade and save money and it indicates there is a HUB 2 included however at the final checkout theres no mention of delivery etc.  I called the customer service and the answer was you get to keep using your Smart hubBT upgrade.png


which doesnt feel like an upgrade to me

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Re: out of contract upgrade offered but no Hub2

A new hub is not normally offered on renewal off upgrade unless it is needed and in your case a new hub is not required as your current hub will work without a problem.  In fact many people prefer your current hub as you are able to have separate SSID for your 2.4/5ghz networks which some customers say help their wireless devices connect

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