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phone or mobile number

i join BT broadband last nov 2022 quit stupid virgin media been use for 30+ years on cable they service became getting poor worse...

i am deaf i am newbie join here make complaint against BT service.....

last weekend my friend told me there BT sport deaf on football

i love watch this i went on bt sport on tv app they say need login then ask for MONEY

what ?

since before i join BT and one they staffs say include BT sport ???? might be they fake news

so tolday i went online to make complaint form they say phone, WHAT !

no email or fill form there only PHONE or write letter

wow alway say phone phone that this best tech for hearing world where deaf ????

all of you think deaf can hear phone ???? come on...

i find there livechat they ask for phone/mobile number

i give up and offline

now i am fed up with service no deaf aware

so now i find somewhere else and might quit BT if i found somewhere else better service

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Re: phone or mobile number

Hi @DeafLion,

I am so sorry to read about your experience.

We do have Deaf Away Days: Football which your friend may have told you about.

I'm happy to help you with this and see what's available to you.

I'll send you a private message where you can type to us through Private Message only.

We will do everything that we can to help you.


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Re: phone or mobile number

private message ??? you dont want people see how or what your BT like to deaf people

i have seen your private message i try reply but there no reply click 

you say got deaf football

i try watch on tv they say go online why ???? switch computer on then login then find out pay for it

i am use BT why i pay add ?

remember since i join amazon prime then they subtitle mess up

they ask which time clip mess subtitle

wow that no my job they must job check before sent out why people pay for it

they profit and sent rubbish space

now BT have subtitle ??? just ONE deaf i watch because sign language suit for me

how many channel deaf on tv ???  just once week 30 minute at film4 every monday 7.30am to 8am


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Re: phone or mobile number

Hi @DeafLion

Thank you for posting back!

We ask for your details privately for your own security.  The community is a public arena and we need to take your details offline in order to help you.

I can see your reply to @DanielS's private message.  We will reach out to over private message to help you out.



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Re: phone or mobile number

"since before i join BT and one they staffs say include BT sport ???? might be they fake news"


BT Sport hasn't been free for a number of years now, it was to begin with when starting up but no longer is

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