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BT Web Protect – Blank/White page explained

BT Web Protect will help protect you from viruses, scams and phishing attacks by warning you if you're about to visit a potentially harmful website.

On occasions where the site you are trying to visit is a https site (i.e. a secured connection), the Web Protect warning page won’t show. You will just see a white page instead.

Do not worry – Web Protect will still work in the background, meaning you are still protected from any potential virus, scam or phishing attack from the site you are trying to access.

If you think a site has been incorrectly categorised as unsafe, please email us at and we will investigate. We will inform you of the decision made, however, BT nor its third-party supplier will enter into correspondence regarding this investigation.

To learn more about BT Web Protect please click on this link,  Learn about BT Web Protect


Example from Microsoft Edge

MS Edge.jpg

Example from Google Chrome



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