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BT WiFi hotspot questions

Hello, I have downloaded the BT WiFi app onto my iPad and iPhone. I have logged in to the app and installed the connection profile. I note that there are normally two different WiFi hotspots to connect to - BT WiFi X and BT WiFi. BT WiFi X has a padlock on it but BT WiFi doesn't. My iPad and iPhone connect to the X network fine but I do not get a notification on my phone unlike when there is no X and it connects to BT WiFi where I receive the notification.

Please could someone tell me what having the connect profile installed does, if I uninstalled that but kept the app signed in what the difference would be?

Also, what is the difference between BT WiFi and BT X hotspots?

When I went to another address my iPad and iPhone recognise they connected to the BT WiFi X network rather than the hub. I selected the BT hub and they both seem to now recognise that one as the one to connect to over BT WiFi. Why was it connecting to X when a hub is much more stable? 

Sorry for all the questions, the FAQs are very limited. Thanks! 

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