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Can't Opt Out BT Wi-FI

I used to be able to opt out from BT Wi-Fi but they keep re-enabling it.

Now I can't find the option to opt out anymore. It used to be here:

But now I can't find any related settings. There isn't a Inclusive Extras anymore. I have a BT ID, not a BT Yahoo mail account.

I have a FTTC 80/20 they call it "BT Halo 1 broadband" now out of contract, and an old BT Smart Hub.

Anyone knows how to turn that off pls?

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Re: Can't Opt Out BT Wi-FI

Actually I found it... it's now in My Products somewhere at the bottom:

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 12.34.50.png

However it doesn't work, it says that it's opted out:

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 12.35.16.png

I tried the BT Wi-Fi Android app and it also says I'm opted out.

But when I look at the hub, BT Wi-Fi is on:

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 12.39.31.png


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Re: Can't Opt Out BT Wi-FI

It gets even better, I tried to opt in on the page above, so I check the box and click the button "Set up now" but all I get is the same page again.

So basically it's officially opted out and can never use it, but in fact the router is active all the time (when it works!).

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Re: Can't Opt Out BT Wi-FI

I have the exact same issue too, it's quite embarrassing for a company like BT/EE to have such a broken terrible website, I came from Plusnet (their "budget" company) and their website worked flawlessly

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Re: Can't Opt Out BT Wi-FI

I wouldn't take the slightest bit of notice of that website.

I opted out a few months ago and the BT Wi-Fi X SSID disappeared almost immediately but the BT Wi-Fi SSID remains to this day.

Now the website tells me that I need to opt in whereas the BT app and my hub both tell me that I am opted in and indeed I can still connect when I'm out and about.

In short, someone has made a right pigs ear of editing a simple bit of HTML coding 

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Re: Can't Opt Out BT Wi-FI

I did check the SSID's too, both "BTWi-Fi" and BTWifi-X" are broadcasting, very annoying

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Re: Can't Opt Out BT Wi-FI

I checked again today and it seems it changed to my advantage:

  • the BT Wifi app works now and says it will connect automatically (I don't have a BT-Wifi hotspot around yet)
  • the BT Hub still says BT-Wifi is Active (but it's not)
  • the BT-Wifi website Opt-In button still doesn't work 🤡


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