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Internet Security via Norton Security

On my Laptpop, In the performance section of Device Security for Norton, Internet Security shows as not set -up and allows a "Set Up Now" option. However that link does nothing - no reaction. I have this set up on my desktop and the link does work, to allow for setting up some safety features.  

Dont know why the issue is arising on the Laptop. Ran "Get Support from Help page, which found one issue and fixed it - and then restarted. Using Chrome as default browser, but problem still the same. So have also removed, reinstalled and run the whole process again. Problem still exists - does not open the link for setting up Internet Security.

Any help appreciated / if a known issue.

Thank you



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Re: Internet Security via Norton Security

The Internet Security tab refers to your default browser, and any extensions you wish to install. If it's 'greyed-out', and you wish to use it; try populating 'Browser' with your Default Browser. Norton needs to know, to offer you the correct version of any extensions.TTS.gif

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Re: Internet Security via Norton Security

Done that on the Laptop setting and then also on the pop-up for Norton Security / Settings / Internet Security :

Browser : Chrome (default) 

But the Set-up Now button shows that there is a hyperlink to it, but does not load the next page when clicked.

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