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Large file keeps uploading over and over

A large file has been uploaded to BT Cloud, but it keeps resuming theupload again (NOT restarting for the beginning, always resdtarts at about 80% compete). I have not changed to even viewed the file, so it is the same unchanged file.

I notice this happens with large files. Small files just upload ok. This is slowing my internet connection down because I am contantly uploading the same file to the cloud. 

The file is VID_20220419_072648.mp4 - these are screen shots of just a few uploads showing it has been uploading for over a day. cycle is:

  1. Upload completes, dsiplay show 'uploaded to cloud X minutes ago'
  2. Upload resumes at about 80% complete. 
  3. goto 1.

How can I stop this?

Upload completeUpload completeUpload started againUpload started againUpload completed againUpload completed againUpload started againUpload started again

O have plenty of space left in the account (350 Gbytes).

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