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MY BT App not saving changes

I have the MY BT app installed on my Samsung Android phone. It's been working fine until our moody teenager went out on Saturday & turned the router off at the mains!

When we came back in & realised I switched it back on. Broadband is working fine, but the My BT App was showing several 'unknown devices' - I've been able to work out what they are, and renamed them to identify them. I also tried to set  times for internet access.

However, none of the changes are saving for some reason - I have restarted the router, I have uninstalled & reinstalled the app several times, but the same problem is occurring.

Please can anyone advise a solution?

Thank you.


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Re: MY BT App not saving changes

Unfortunately, I can't help as we are having exactly the same issue. Wondering if you sorted it out and bumping your post in case you are still waiting for an answer.

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Re: MY BT App not saving changes

Not had any response on here, as you can see ☹️

Got in touch with BT via Facebook Messenger - many messages later was advised that it is the router causing the issue! 

New one posted out, now just need to set up & re-connect 25+ devices!!

Will advise on here if it has fixed the issue.

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Re: MY BT App not saving changes

I would have first tried a factory reset of the BT Hub by pressing a pin into the recess button on the rear for about 20 seconds. 

If that doesn't work and you do install the new BT Hub you should just change the SSID (name) and Password of the new BT Hub to be the same as the old one.

You can do that via its management settings, and that will save you having to reconnect all your devices as they will be none the wiser that it is a different hub and automatically connect.