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Norton Password Manager

How do I export my passwords from Norton Password Manager(BT)?

Grateful for any advice?

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Re: Norton Password Manager

To export passwords from the Norton password manager data from browser:

  • Start your browser;
  • On the top-right corner of the browser, click on the Norton Password Manager icon;
  • Click Open vault from the pop-up;
  • In the unlock your vault window, type your vault password → Open vault;
  • Click the Norton Password Manager extension icon  Vault;
  • In the Norton Password Manager window, click on the three dots  Export vault;
  • In the Protected vault Action window, enter your vault password to export the Norton Password Manager data.

Export the Norton Password Manager data from Norton application:

  • Start Norton. If you see the My Norton window, next to Device Security, click Open;
  • In the Norton main window, double-click Internet Security → Password Manager;
  • In the Norton Password Manager window, click the Settings icon available at the bottom of the window;
  • Click the Import/Export tab;
  • In the Export panel, select the file format.

    You can select one of the following:

    • Password Manager Backup Format - DAT File;

      If you want to back up your data with a password for more security, type and confirm the password.

    • Plain Text - CSV file (Logins & Notes only, you'll need to check format for new application).

    You can access your vault backups at My Documents\Norton Password Manager Backups\<Norton account name>.

  • Click Export.
  • In the Validate Password for Password Manager window, type your vault password to export your Password Manager data.
  • Click OK to confirm.
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Re: Norton Password Manager

Thanks Lasors. The first option works if you need a "data dump". In that it provides all the data which I can then cut and paste as a whole.

The 2nd option just doesn't exist on the BT Norton Password Manager. i.e there is no settings icon at the bottom of the panel.

Thanks anyway.
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Re: Norton Password Manager

Thanks for the instructions. however i'm not getting an export option for the first method. and the second method it opens password manager up in the browser. 

any thoughts? 

thanks 🙂

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