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Re: Norton Virus Protection

@SixtiesFan  Well Brian it worked for me--have just tried it.  I powered up my Laptop (X551CA) and then ran NRnR  with the Remove  Only  option. Once that completed and the laptop came back up with Windows Defender as the protection, I powered up my Desktop, A97LE.

The initial screen showed me as having used two licences.  


 I  now logged into Norton Portal and it showed the A97LE Online--X551CA Offline.



I was then able to select X551CA and delete it.



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Re: Norton Virus Protection

@SixtiesFan  Well I've found out that using the Norton Removal Tool doesn't fully uninstall the product. I had left my Laptop powered up. After I'd done several "chores" I went back to power it off. Found this on the screen.



There were also two extra icons on the Desktop, created today at 09:06.



 There is an entry in Startup that is responsible.  



Also if I check the Registry I find umpteen references to Norton so this removal product is not doing the job. Didn't have any bother with the MacAfee equivalent one!  Might be another tool so will check around but the only alternative according to the instructions is the Family version.

Windows Defender is definitely the prime guardian at the moment so can only surmise that the Norton that's running is due to items left after the supposed clean.  Here's the differences in my virus settings showing previous with Norton installed , 16th and today the 20th. with Norton removed{?}.X5551CA_6c.png

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Re: Norton Virus Protection

I used Revo Uninstaller Pro to uninstall the Norton product. If you're not familiar with it, it first runs the program's default uninstaller and then does a scan to give you the option to remove any leftover files that it finds. If the uninstall process requires a reboot, as is the case with Norton, them all you have to do is restart Revo Uninstaller after the reboot and it continues from where it left off. I did try running the Norton removal tool after, but I'm not sure if it did anything and it didn't solve the problem of how to disassociate the laptop that Norton still thinks has their software installed from the list of used licenses. Another reason for ditching Norton is that it keeps requiring me to restart my computer to finish an update as it couldn't do something with the drivers. I can't remember the exact wording, but it pops up with a big red warning dialogue. I seem to remember I had this problem when I tried Norton a year or so ago and I nearly forgot to mention that my recent support chat with Norton was also a waste of time. Anyway, I don't really care now because I'm going to stick with Kaspersky, so I'll be removing Norton from my other laptop within the next 24 hours.

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Re: Norton Virus Protection

@SixtiesFan  Yes, I'm familiar with RevoUninstaller---I have the Portable Pro version and used it earlier to remove the Norton Installer using the Hunter mode. After that I did a manual search through the Registry but gave up after finding 30 referring to Norton! Just came back up about ten minutes ago after I'd restored the laptop back to a Macrium Reflect image I took before installing Norton on the 15th. Might install Norton again just to see how it goes but this time get Revo to map it.

When Norton had an update, I never had to restart the PC---it just closed the program and applied the patch.





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Re: Norton Virus Protection

I managed to get rid of the error on the portal by reinstalling Norton on my laptop with Kaspersky temporarily paused, which then allowed me to remove it from my devices list, after which I returned to my laptop and uninstalled it with Revo. I also tried doing what you did with Regedit, but got fed up after finding so many things referring to Norton.

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