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Problem with connecting iPhone to BTWi-fi


I have no regular broadband at home, so I decided to use local BTWi-fi hub for time being (I am not BT client). It works more or less on my Mac (although the connection is not super reliable), but I have problem on iPhone. I get disconnected all the time, and sometimes I have no access to Internet even when I am connected to wi-fi.

I found info that I should use BTWi-fi-X instead of BTWi-fi for my iPhone. Okay, good enough. But I was not able to connect to BTWi-fi-X using my credentials. So I found another info that I need to install BT Wi-fi app to be able to connect to BTWi-fi-X. Okay, good enough. I installed that application, but I am not able to log-in again.

I am not regular BT client. I don't have any BT ID. My understanding is that I need BT account number. By sheer coincidence I managed to find it, but when I am trying to use it to create a new BT ID, I am getting error message saying it's incorrect.

Kind regards

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Re: Problem with connecting iPhone to BTWi-fi

@PJ42 I'm sorry to see you're experiencing problems connecting to the BT wifi hotspot. Is it possible to move closer to the hotspot as you may be out of range?

The BT Wifi app can be used by.

• All BT Broadband customers

• BT Business Broadband customers

• BT Wi-fi 3 & 12 Month Unlimited subscription customers

• BT One Phone customers



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Re: Problem with connecting iPhone to BTWi-fi

Are you a BTMobile customer or are you paying for voucher access to BTWifi or are you using a current BT Broadband customer's details?

Have you tried contacting the BTWifi Help Desk 0800.022.3322 

Most BTWifi hotspots are supplied from BT Broadband customers broadband hub. the range of the BTWifi signal can be counted in 10's of meters so it may be that you are at the limit of its range. 

Because BTWifi hotspots are from BT customers they have no obligation to check or make sure that the signal is available. They can turn the hub off when ever they want, they can terminate the hubs ability to transmit the BTWifi signal. The signal can become faulty and the customer is under no obligation to do anything about it. 

BT have no control over any of the above and can not reset or tell the customer to reset their hub.

Have you tried using a different BTWifi hotspot to see if that works which would at least rule out your devices being the problem?



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Re: Problem with connecting iPhone to BTWi-fi

I am a BT Broadband customer, i have no problem acsessing the app on my android tablet but I can't  my iphone se 2020 se to log into the app.

when i enter the correct user name and password and hit log in it just takes me the softwear licence agreement and only offers me the back option so its in a loop?

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Re: Problem with connecting iPhone to BTWi-fi

try connecting to BTWIFI-X which is intended for apple devices

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Re: Problem with connecting iPhone to BTWi-fi



My iPhone 11 connects quite happily to BT-Wifi provided I've downloaded the BT Wifi app and run that, just as message 2 points out.

I can't connect to BTWifi-X btw.

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