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opting in to BT wifi

ive been trying to opt bacd in to BT WIFI,   on the screen with the tick box to opt in , i get a please wait when i submit, and then the screen resets with a blank box again. over and over in A loop.  IVe tested it but bt wifi still says i must opt in to use it.    ive been trying foe several weeks with various browsers.     Please help

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Re: opting in to BT wifi

Don't worry to much about the opt-in page, it's a well known problem which the mods on this site have made many attempts to get fixed, all with no success so far.

Check the Wi-Fi signals emanating from your hub, if you can see both BTWi-Fi and BT WI-Fi  X then the chances are that you will be able to connect.

In my own case, the website says I'm opted out and won't let me opt in either but I still use it from time to time when I'm out and about and with no problems

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Re: opting in to BT wifi

You could try Factory Reset by pushing pin in the back of the hub for 20-30 seconds until lights flash. This will put the hub back to it's default mode which is Opt-In.
Don't forget to save the configuration of the hub before doing the factory reset.
Also as mentioned, Opting back might be difficult.
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