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Re: Are the days of BT TV numbered?


The mesh system you use is totally irrelevant, the requirement is for BT to be your ISP, for example a quick shufty through this forum will show that there BT TV customers who use third party routers.

Not entirely true. The whole system between incoming BB & BT box needs to pass IGMP & not all do. Amazon's Eero for example is one that doesn't & nor does my Fritzbox setup.

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Re: Are the days of BT TV numbered?


It seems to me that the days of BT TV are numbered.

The days of all TV packages in the traditional sense we are used to are numbered. 

BT TV’s biggest selling point currently is the delivery method, which may tie you to it as an ISP but delivers a decent range of channels via a method that is great for those who have fairly decent broadband speeds but struggle with (or can’t access), terrestrial or satellite TV.

The downsides remain that you can get everything it offers and more, for less without a 2 year contract and built in price rises. It remains Freeview/Freesat plus some apps.


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Re: Are the days of BT TV numbered?

After reading through all the comments on here I feel pretty insignificant! We are happy to sit in our little house and enjoy what to us is good quality varied television on our non fibre connection at a great price.

Thanks B.T. - we'll just let the rest of the world get on with their expectations!! 😊

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Re: Are the days of BT TV numbered?


OK wise guy. 😂

I suspect you are well aware that the point I was trying to make is that you are not limited to using BT networking equipment in your home in order to get BT TV but you are limited to one choice of ISP.


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Re: Are the days of BT TV numbered?

BT TV is a loss leader for their broadband service, so they are not going to share it