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BBC One HD Regionalisation

The regionalisation of BBC 1 HD starts today on Freeview. On most devices channel 1 will become BBC 1 HD for your region. 

Judging by what’s happened with ITV 1 and BBC 2 the new BBC 1 HD regional version will still be stuck down on channel 101 on BT TV for those watching in aerial mode. 

This is ridiculous, what are BT doing to sort this out?

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

More information here. You can see there won't be any changes to the EPG till later in the year at the earliest:

Update on changes to BBC One HD on Freeview/Youview in England - Media Centre

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

That article doesn’t actually give a date for when/if the channel swap will happen on YouView. Sounds like it won’t actually. 

The article just mentions when the BBC 1 regional versions will launch, but we know that already. 

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

You must have missed the table part way down which also applies to YouView; i.e. (part)


BBC One local news programme at 6.30pm

Launch date

East Midlands

West Midlands

East Yorks & Lincs


Channel Islands



East Midlands Today

Midlands Today

Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

BBC London

BBC Channel Islands News

Look North (Yorkshire) 

Edit: The date didn't copy for some reason but it's there and for the above portion of the table is 22-03-23

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

Maybe I’m being really thick here, apologies if I am, but that table only shows when regional BBC 1 HD launches. It doesn’t say when/if it will swap to channel 1 on YouView! 

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

Paragraph 2 mentions both Freeview and Youview, Paragraph 3 reads "This means viewers will be able to get a complete version of BBC One HD in 101 in the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), including regional news output and other local programming. We will be retiring the red slate that previously advised viewers to go to channel 1 for local programming, as viewers will no longer need to switch to channel 1 for local news and then back to 101 for BBC One in HD."

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

Les that doesn’t mean what you think it means. It’s just saying you won’t need to switch between channels. So you can just stay on 101 the whole time. 

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

I retuned my 5 devices today as I'm in the London region. Now got BBC 1 HD London showing up on ch101.

On one of my Panasonic TVs it gave me the option to install a piece of software that would move BBC 101 up to the top of the guide but that just then showed 1 as BBC London and dropped 101 from the guide and it wasn't clear that ch1 was now in HD so went back to the original settings.

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

Take another close look:

"Once we’ve completed the launch on Freeview and YouView, later in the year we plan to roll-out an update to newer Freeview Play devices that are connected to the internet. This will put BBC One HD at the top of the EPG, at channel 1, on supported TVs when they’re connected to the internet – and we’ll be making similar changes to make the existing HD versions of our other channels available at the most prominent EPG numbers.

It will happen, but not for a while. Remember ITV 1 have yet to announce when their correct local regions will launch.


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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

I actually don’t think it will happen. Again, the article linked makes no mention of it. I’ve had ITV 1 Granada on 103 for years, it never moved to channel 3. I think BBC 1 will be the same on YouView. 

The paragraph you’ve quoted is about Freeview Play devices.